• Medieval Torture

    Unique fantasy bdsm photo sets of cruel female torture scenes in medieval times. Sctrict and cruel inquisitions catches innocent girls and put them in dark cellars for sex torments and punishments, so they can prove their contacts with evil.
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  • Another witch is fixed on the torture wheel for ultimate tortures.

    witch fixed on wheel torture rack experiences terrible pain

    This wheel of pain is formidable instrument in hands of inquisition, they are proud of it and use it only in most hard cases then victims endure all pain and refuse to confess in their witchcraft. Today is the time for it – beautiful woman is fixed on this terrible pain device with her arms and legs spread apart and her naked body opened for all kinds of torments. She has to feel the wrath of inquisitor during this extreme interrogation. Monks whips and cane her naked body leaving visible bloody marks. They use breath control on this torture rack to get their confession, but victim is not yet broken and they have to do some vaginal insertion torture as well. Nothing helps and they take out their painful needles to try on naked intimate parts of witch. They pierce her tits and pussy, while assistants continue to whip her hard and finally she has to confess in her sexual sins and they know for sure that their efforts weren’t useless at all. The site that provided this amazing photoset also has movie of this video torture and we recommend you to check it here to find out more about medieval torture.

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    Two inquisitors inspect the body of accused female to find marks of evil between her legs.

    cruel medieval torture with hot wax

    The most ultimate sing of witchcraft and sex relationships with devil are special marks on intimate spots like ass tits and of course pussy of female. She is brought and fixed with ropes and chain on the torture rack for careful intimate inspection. They removes all her clothes leaving her completely naked and spread her legs. They touch each spot of her body trying to find these mark, they do their job well and look even inside here hairy pussy. However where is one obstacle that prevents them from exposing it, since the pussy is covered with hairs they can’t say for sure if where is something besides her pubic hairs. So they decide to use flame of candle to reveal what is there. This medieval torture of cruel inquisitions brings terrible pain to the victim however it proves that woman is witch. As always female torture is a solid instrument of inquisition that leads them to success. Enjoy the videos of this medieval torture on this fantasy bdsm site.

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    Two inquisitors have a great time in local tavern, however they start to suspect that barmaid is a sex slave of devil

    torture video of public punishment and fucking in tavern

    After some strong drinks in tavern two righteous monks of inquisition finds out that beautiful barmaid can possible be one of those slutty witches that like devil sex orgies so they decide to check their suspicion. They roughly catch her and quickly put on the table right in the middle of tavern. They quickly remove all the clothes to find possible devil marks. Despite her resistance they twist her tits, touch her nipples and check under her skirt. This humiliating action makes girl become wet and horny – the clear sign of witchcraft so inquisitors continue their public inspection. The pussy of this bitch is well shaved and this makes monk suspect her even more, so they need to look inside her cunt: they spread her pussy lips and insert finger in vagina checking what is inside. She is ashamed but can do nothing to prevent this since if she try show would experience medieval torture on dark cellars of inquisition. This torture video is definitely so hot and exciting that we recommend you to check full version on this unique bdsm site.

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    Beautiful blonde witch is undressed, whipped and fucked in torture rack

    blonde female is tortured and fucked

    This girl is definitely in real trouble, she caught by inquisitors suspecting her in witchcraft and today is her first round of interrogation. She is brought to the main chamber of torments and undressed quickly. Her big tits and beautiful face is definitely gift of devil so she must be treated liked whore witch. She experiences various female torture executed by skilled inquisitors who know what they do. They chain her, at6tach collar to her tender neck and whip her hard with cat’o’nine tail, cane is used on her vulnerable body as well till red marks are visible all over her tits and pussy. Finally interrogators decides to have some fun and put their victim in torture rack, after she is fixed well with her ass up in the air they fuck her one by one from behind making her scream with please as their huge cocks penetrate and stretch her tight pussy. The fulltime video of this medieval torture is available on this unique bdsm fantasy website

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    Pretty woman is whipped with her arms tied above her head on the torture rack.

    female is fixed on torture rack and whipped hard

    This young witch experiences hard times with strict inquisitors, she never before was in their hands and have no idea of medieval torture that they can use on her body. She is scared and ashamed since her tits and pussy is exposed to these strange and fearsome men. She is taken to the torture rack and tied very well with use of ropes and chains that prevents her from escape. Now her whole body is naked and monks can whip her, touch the most vulnerable spots on her body. Her nice tits suffer from terrible pain as whip leaves bloody marks on them. Her pussy is also suffers female torture being caned and slapped by rough monks who enjoy that sexual punishment. Now she is ready to confess in all her sex sins and all the witchcraft that she practiced! Where is full torture video of this scene which is available on this hardcore fantasy bdsm site.

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    Beautiful witch is caught on the road to village and experience medieval torture.

    medieva ltorture of beautiful woman, spanking and whipping

    Beautiful blonde peasant girl was caught in the road to her village by inquisition who accused poor girl in witchcraft and all possible sins they could imagine. These rough guys take her to their terrible dark cellar to find out more about her magic and other sinful witches that she may know with use of good old medieval torture. The best way to break the will of this woman is to undress her and punish with all possible ways so inquisitors tear apart all her clothes and put her in metal chains and restraints – now she is bound, helpless and can’t escape from her tormentors. Medieval torture continues with vaginal inspection – both strict inquisitors look for signs of devil between her spread legs humiliating terribly. Blonde girl as ashamed to be naked in front of two men and being unable to prevent this painful, but exciting act. Next step would definitely hurt her more, accused witch is put in torture rack for whipping and caning. She is fixed well and vulnerable for all the pain she must bear from rough tormentors. Female torture continues with pussy spanking, breast slapping and many more exciting examples of medieval torture. If you want to see more then just this gallery you have opportunity to check this amazing hardcore bdsm site for torture video.

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    Cheating peasant wife is hurt by weird instruments of torture

     torture video of hot potato insertion in vagina

    She looks so terrified as she gets in hands of inquisition monks who are going to beat the shit out of her and make her confess that she is absolute slut and devil sex slave. Poor girl is tied well with ropes and undressed in front of inquisitors who are now ready to test their skills of female torture. They whip her bare body leaving long red marks across her tits and legs. Being tied to the torture rank she feels great pain as they pierce her with needles and cane her tender pussy. This medieval torture is not only painful but it is weird and humiliating – you can see as monks takes hot potato right from the bowl and insert into cunt of this surprised slut. She cries in agony being unable to bear this vaginal insertion torture and ready to confess in just anything, but monks are not this good to stop it and they continue to bring her more pain and humiliating with their actions. If you like to see the whole torture video featuring this slut in ropes you can visit this great medieval torture bdsm site.

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    Poor victim suffer in torture chambers for several days.

    victim of female torture with hook in the ass and hot wax on butt

    This exhausted girl is kept like prisoner in inquisition prison for several days and every day she experience new medieval torture. She is scared and tired, but the pain doesn’t stop on the contrary her tormentors invent more and more perverted ways of inflicting pain. Now she is again taken from her cellar and thrown on the floor, just under feet of two inquisitors who are ready for some female torture action. Submissive girl already knows how cruel can be her prisoners and she immediately starts to beg them to release her since she is innocent and didn’t want to harm anyone. However noone is going to listen her and chief inquisitor pulls metal chain attached to heavy collar on the girl’s neck and begins. Slutty witch gets metal hook inserted in her asshole and attached to her head with other part. She is tied tight with ropes and hot wax drops on her bare ass and tits, after that monk steps on her back and whips her ass till blood is visible clearly. This medieval torture last for the whole day and girl’s cries are so loud that be heard outside this terrible prison. This scene is available in the movie format so if you like the idea if whore witches in torture racks you definitely should check this hardcore site for torture video clips.

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    Woman hangs on the rope and whipped hard in medieval torture scene

    torture video of redhead girl suspended and whipped

    Next round of interrogation appears to be even more unpredictably painful for this poor woman held in hands of inquisition. She is brought for questioning and in order to be sure that she tells only truth, master inquisitors suspends her with ropes and pulls high from the ground. She tries to escape and beg for merci without any success, cruel monks want to punish that naked slut with whips while she is so vulnerable in the air. Female torture starts with breast whipping and caning, naked girl cries loud as whip touches her pussy and nipples which are really sensitive. That strappado position inflicts terrible pain with every second of punishment and rough inquisitors add some additional weight which is attached to the legs in hanging slut. After countless minutes of whipping woman is almost exhausted and whole her body is covered with blood soaking from terrible scars on her hips, breasts and legs. Medieval torture can be as hard and gruesome as you can see in this scene and I hope you enjoy what you see – please visit this amazing fantasy bdsm site full of torture video clips.

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    Redhead witch is crucified and taken on the metal chain

    redhead witch in torture rack and totally naked

    Another victim of inquisition follows the road of all accused witches who are brought all the way to the inquisition chamber completely naked, abused and with cross on their back. Team of inquisitors put that bitch on the ground and ties her to the wooden cross that she must bear for the next hours. She tries to run away, but what can she oppose to these strong men? They gag her mouth, tie her hands tight and put metal restraints on her legs. Now she is equipped good enough to start her way of pain and humiliation, monks hurries her up hitting with sticks and canes, beating the most vulnerable and tender parts of her body, they strikes her nipples and pussy. They humiliate and whip her all the way as well until she can’t move any long in this torture rack. However the nightmare continues till witch falls down and almost lost her conscious. If you enjoy this medieval torture you can find full movies of female torture on this hardcore bdsm site.

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