• Medieval Torture

    Unique fantasy bdsm photo sets of cruel female torture scenes in medieval times. Sctrict and cruel inquisitions catches innocent girls and put them in dark cellars for sex torments and punishments, so they can prove their contacts with evil.
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    Sexy naked lady in the series of medieval tortures performed by interrogators

    Sadistic soldiers want to know if that slutty looking girl is a real witch and they are going to use all their skills to find that out. They take sacred chick from her medieval cell where she is kept being restrained with heavy chains. They lock her in steel yoke and punish her with whipping [...]

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    Redhead witch experiences public humiliation and outdoor punishment in torture rack

    Soldiers of inquisition together with monks lead confessed witch for the public punishment for her sexual sins. She walks on the metal chain, tied to the horse, her body is hurt by heavy whip and she is very dirty since she always falls down and gets up again and again. She is naked and helpless [...]

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    Another witch is fixed on the torture wheel for ultimate tortures.

    This wheel of pain is formidable instrument in hands of inquisition, they are proud of it and use it only in most hard cases then victims endure all pain and refuse to confess in their witchcraft. Today is the time for it – beautiful woman is fixed on this terrible pain device with her arms [...]

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    Pretty woman is whipped with her arms tied above her head on the torture rack.

    This young witch experiences hard times with strict inquisitors, she never before was in their hands and have no idea of medieval torture that they can use on her body. She is scared and ashamed since her tits and pussy is exposed to these strange and fearsome men. She is taken to the torture rack [...]

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    Redhead witch is crucified and taken on the metal chain

    Another victim of inquisition follows the road of all accused witches who are brought all the way to the inquisition chamber completely naked, abused and with cross on their back. Team of inquisitors put that bitch on the ground and ties her to the wooden cross that she must bear for the next hours. She [...]

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    Fantasy BDSM paysite full of torture video featuring beautiful helpless girls caught by inquisitors for interrogation
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