• Medieval Torture

    Unique fantasy bdsm photo sets of cruel female torture scenes in medieval times. Sctrict and cruel inquisitions catches innocent girls and put them in dark cellars for sex torments and punishments, so they can prove their contacts with evil.
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  • Sexy naked lady in the series of medieval tortures performed by interrogators

    Sadistic soldiers want to know if that slutty looking girl is a real witch and they are going to use all their skills to find that out. They take sacred chick from her medieval cell where she is kept being restrained with heavy chains. They lock her in steel yoke and punish her with whipping but it look like that it is not enough so they start to torment her cunt with cane and rude ropes. Then they fixate poor girl on the torture rack so her asshole and pussy become fully open and available for insertion. Monk pour hot wax on her cunt and tits and push stick deep inside her asshole! Without any doubts that broken female would tell them anything after few more hours of medieval tortures!

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    Cruel monks lead curly beauty to the torments chamber in the torture video

    Poor girl! She has to experience really horrible tortures from horny monks who like to punish young witches with terrible devices in their bdsm prison. She is lead to their castle absolutely naked with her neck and arms in heavy wooden stock. As soon as she gets inside they throw her to the main torture chamber and restrain in the wooden table specially designed to torture young ladies. This time they use heavy whipping and incredible water torture to fill both her cunt and mouth with large amount of liquid. After that witch is locked in the cell with metal restraints on her hands and legs. Only in few hours she will be punished again!

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    Most cruel interrogation ever, young woman in torture rack is questioned by inquisition

    blonde slut is cauight by inquisition for some female torture

    Blond woman faces the inquisition court and finds out what does it mean to be absolutely humiliated and abused in front of cruel man. All her clothes is torn apart and her round tits are exposed to the court. Monks ties her hands behind her back and she is suspended in strappado position so the questioning starts. In the meantime her feet are inserted in metals restraints which are attached to the floor to increase the pain. Now she definitely must tell all the truth of her sex relationship with satan and magic rituals. However she only cries with pain and beg for mercy  that shouldn’t be expected in such situation. The next step of interrogation includes breast and pussy tortures, cruel prisoners spread legs of this innocent blonde girl and strike her cunt and clit with cat’o’nine whip which inflicts terrible pain and bloody scars to her intimate spots and finally witch confesses in sexual orgies with devil and other sins. If you like the idea of female torture and cruel inquisition questioning young witches you should check this website for medieval torture video clips.

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    One more female victim of inquisition gets her share of medieval tortures in the dark basement.

    cruel medieval torture of beautifil woman

    Inquisition got another female toy to torture and play with till she confesses in her sexual sins. This time they enjoy hardcore whipping of the new woman that looks so beautiful then she is scared. She is roughly dragged to the dark cellar full of instruments of torture which would be used on her tender body including the most intimate and vulnerable parts like pussy and nipples. She is chained to the wall with her arm tied above the head with bunch of ropes and prepared for execution. Rough masters whip her ass till blood and switch to her legs and tits. They enjoy this painful torment till where is no more spots on girl’s bare body which left untouched. Inquisitors continue their punishment with cruel pussy tortures, they slap cunt, twist clit with metal pincers and enjoy vaginal insertion torture. It is really hard to understand how such a pretty and innocent looking girl can endure such painful and rough treatment with her tits and cunt, this scene is cruel and in the same time turning on! Where is even full movie of this female torture which is available on this extreme bdsm website

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    Redhead witch experiences public humiliation and outdoor punishment in torture rack

    redhead witch is fixed in torture rack for punishment

    Soldiers of inquisition together with monks lead confessed witch for the public punishment for her sexual sins. She walks on the metal chain, tied to the horse, her body is hurt by heavy whip and she is very dirty since she always falls down and gets up again and again. She is naked and helpless and it is really bad day for her. She is taken outside the village and put in torture rack so the punishment can begin. She looks so vulnerable and completely exposed to anyone who wants to participate in execution, her bare ass is really made for whipping so inquisitors don’t waste any more time and start to punish her hard in this amazing medieval torture fantasy. All other people can touch and slap girl’s naked body, twisting nipples and striking clit. These strangers make woman cry and beg them to stop, however her screams only turns them on and they explore her pussy with fingers and slap her face. This female gets really hard portions of pain in torture rack and this movie with her suffering is available on that amazing bdsm site dedicated to medieval female torture.

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    After female torture she is fucked by rough guardians right in the cellar

    witch is fucked by two prisoners in torture video

    After series of whipping, caning and much more cruel medieval torture young woman gets in hands of horny guardians who decides to fuck slutty witch. She is all dirty and her body is in bruises after many days spent in inquisition chambers. However these guardians don’t care at all about how she feels right now, the only thing they interested is fucking. They roughly undress her, tearing clothes apart, bend her over and one of them inserts his cocking her mouth and another one fucks whore from behind. She is totally exhausted however this sexy treatment turns her on more and more and finally she even gets orgasm after many hours spent in torture rack is much more pleasant then experiencing all these sadistic medieval torture. After they used her sexually, rough soldiers leave her again in the metal restraints with sperm leaking from cunt and mouth. This scene full of hardcore sex and cruel bdsm is available on this site in video format

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    Time for the real medieval torture with flame and metal pincers

    painful female torture in dark cellar

    More and more slutty witches are caught by strict inquisition and closed in dark cellars for interrogations and medieval tortures. Today this whore with curly hairs and gorgeous body has to pass through especially painful female torture. Her hands are put in metal restraints and suspended high above her head so her breasts and rest of her naked body is exposed for anything that cruel inquisitors cans try this time. Today they decide to get their answers with flame torture so they bring candles and other instruments of torture and punishment begins. They hurt nipples and small tits of this poor girl with flame, making her scream and in the same time monk uses metal pincers on her nipples as well. This double breast torture makes her scream loud however no one would help cursed naked witch. In order to make this female torture even more efficient, inquisitors attach metal ball to the restraints on feet of her victim – now every her move when she tries to avoid flame makes her scream with pain. This outstanding bdsm fantasy photoset is provided by this adult website full of torture video of beautiful witches.

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    Blonde girl is fixed in torture rack and experiences terrible breast torture

    breast and flame torture video scene

    Inquisition decided that this blonde witch deserves more medieval torture to give all necessary information. This whore is to be punished in the most cruel and exciting ways again, this time interrogator use another kinky devices on her tender body, they fix her on the torture rack, sitting on the solid chair with huge wooden dildo attached to it. She screams as that enormous cock penetrates her pink pussy and can’t escape from that device of pain and pleasure. As soon as she is tied strong enough and can’t move even a little bit, monks laugh and proceed to the most painful part of interrogation. They use metal collars on the round tits of this sexy witch increasing pressure every minute. Soon her boobs are squeezed really hard and blonde girl experiences terrible pain mixed with pleasure because she still sits on that fucking wooden dick. This scene of female torture is definitely exciting and you can see that action recorded on the torture video, to check it out visit this hardcore fantasy bdsm site.

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    Metal vaginal insertion torture device used on helpless witch

    medieval torture and vaginal insertion punishment of young female

    Inquisitors are confident that they can help this witch to save her soul by punishing her sinful flesh so they invent more and more kinky ways of medieval torture. This time they taken slutty bitch to the torture rack and fixed her arms and legs wide apart so they have full access to all parts of her naked body and can use any of their devices on her tender flesh. First they whip her stretched bare body hard leaving deep wounds on her breasts, legs and pussy. Next they show metal vaginal pear that is going to be pushed inside her cunt. It is really weird thing with long and sharp handle made in dark forgery of inquisition specially for such sexy sluts who refuse to confess in their sins. Cruel monks slowly insert that instrument of torture inside the body of their female victim stretching it apart and making her scream. This mix of pain and pleasure continues till she is almost on the edge of orgasm and ready to tell everything that is asked. The full movie of this amazing medieval torture is available on one of the greatest bdsm site ever.

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    Beautiful witch is suspended on the torture rack and used for sexual pleasure of interrogators

    female torture by horny monks

    Next step in questioning is a bit different for this beautiful witch, monks who didn’t have sex for a long time decided to punish whore with their huge cocks. They take her out of her cell and bring to the torture rack. With use of ropes and chain her body attached to ramp and suspended in the air. She is completely naked and her legs spread really wide apart so her pussy is absolutely exposed for everything and monks use it immediately. One of them fucks cunt of witch and another one inserts his penis in mouth meanwhile. After they both cum they want to punish whore for such a slutty behavior and spank her bare pussy hard. They also whip her with cat’o’nine and use other medieval torture on her helpless female body. After they become too tired to continue they leave her naked exhausted body lying right on the floor still tied to the torture rack. The video record of this cruel and hardcore fucking scene is available on this bdsm fantasy site.

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